Could Spitzer Scandal Take Skype Video Mainstream?

skype_logo.jpgWhile Eliot Spitzer’s predilection for hookers (sorry, high priced call-girls) has made headlines worldwide, video over Skype may end up as a beneficiary.

Marked as a first for national TV, CNN used Skype Video to conduct a live interview Monday. According to Reuters, CNN interviewed Jeffrey Toobin, who went to Harvard Law School with Spitzer, via Skype from Maui.

The report says that Toobin used a laptop computer and webcam borrowed from the business centre of the hotel where he and his family were staying. The interview was featured in CNN’s prime-time political programming, and Toobin took part in a discussion on Anderson Cooper 360, all via Skype Video.

Skype has long been used for IM and voice calls, but its still relatively new video feature hasn’t taken off in a similar way. With CNN being able to use Skype Video to conduct interviews and live appearances, Skype may now get a boost as a strong video alternative to existing video conferencing tools and companies.

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