Google Now Selling SEO Services Via Performics

performics.jpgAs we reported yesterday, Google has now successfully acquired DoubleClick after receiving EU approval for the deal. While the focus has been rightly on display advertising, many have missed one part of the deal that will raise eyebrows: Google now owns SEO service Performics.

DoubleClick’s Performics offers search engine services that include “natural search solutions” such as “link building.” Some highlights from the Performics service

Our experts methodically optimize copy and content for each page to boost page rankings…

Addresses external ranking factors and new business opportunities

Now there is nothing wrong with what Performics offers; SEO and SEM are legitimate businesses. The catch is that Google is now offering paid services that promise improved search engine listings in Google itself, a 100% conflict of interest. Danny Sullivan at Search Engine Land calls for Google to divest itself of Performics, and it’s a call that should be supported.