What Does YouTube Have Up Its Sleeve? Guess Right, And Win An iPod Shuffle.

youtiube-logo.pngYouTube is making a big announcement tomorrow morning. Could it be live-streaming? (We’re told not). High-definition video? A partnership with Hulu? (That would be so hot). A new Website design? Dialing up the advertising? Another way to get on mobile phones or big-screen TVs? Or as was leaked in February, better video-editing tools, personal video recommendations, better advertiser analytics, or new “tentpole” content (The YouTube Games, Living Legends, The YouTube Global Gathering)?

We’re not sure. If it is none of the above, and you are the first person to guess correctly in comments, we will send you 2 GB iPod Shuffle (you must include your real e-mail address in the comment form for us to be able to reach you). If it is one of the above options, then we’ll give the iPod Shuffle away randomly (or to the best overall comment as determined by me).

Given the public launch of Hulu tomorrow, that would be my guess. (And, no, I am not eligible for the iPod prize). A partnership between the two video sites would make sense. YouTube is already sharing advertising dollars with other media companies and producers of popular videos. Why would Hulu be any different? Speculate away.