MightyQuiz: Stump Strangers with Your Arcane Knowledge

Y Combinator startup MightyQuiz just launched with the intent of bringing user generated content to quizzes.

The concept is straightforward: users can write their own quiz questions on any topic (e.g. “Aside from English, what is the second official language in New Zealand?” Answer: “Maori”). These are then categorized, answered, rated, and commented on by other users, who can pass time by going through them one after another.

The creators have implemented all of the social features we’ve come to expect from Web 2.0: user profiles, top contributor lists, most popular quiz questions, and widgets. We’re told that one potential monetization strategy will come from white labeling the service for use on traditional media sites that need ways to engage users. For example, Rolling Stone could encourage their online readers to contribute questions about the history of music.

While the service is mainly for entertainment in its current form, it could also be tailored for educational purposes. The topics of history and science are two natural fits for a tool like this. As apparently is Seinfeld (see pic).