Top 10 fictional swords? More like bottom 10

I can’t say I agree with this guy’s list of awesome swords. The Headless Horseman’s weak sword? Come on. Go tell this guy what he’s missing – for example Japanese swords are mostly neglected. Since I’m a huge nerd, I humbly propose adding the following:

  • Ogami Itto’s Dotanuki Battle Sword (Lone Wolf and Cub)
  • Zatoichi’s Cane Sword
  • Cloud’s Buster Sword (No internet list is complete without Final Fantasy VII on it)
  • Ivy’s Whip Sword (Soul Calibur)
  • Voltron’s Energy Sword
  • Whatever sword you have in Ninja Gaiden on NES

Come on.
Top 10 Badass Swords [List Universe]