TC/CG sit-down in Düsseldorf, Saturday 08/03/08

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Peter and I are headed to Düsseldorf tomorrow afternoon in preparation for our flight out on Sunday. We would have flown in the animal cracker box back from Hanover but after hearing about the Hamburg flight we’d like to stick to big airplanes leaving the evil heart of hurricane Emma, not small planes flying into it.

That said, if you’re in Düsseldorf tomorrow, Saturday 08/03/08, and would like to meet, email me at john @ crunchgear.com or, better, SMS me at +16462515666. You can also Skype me for the next few hours on johnnybnyc. We’d love to sit down with some gadget/tech folks in charming Düsseldorf, the home of the Street of Bars.

Update – We will meet at 6pm at Friedrichskrone (Kirchfeldstr. 85, 40215 Düsseldorf)

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