Rumor: 60GB Xbox 360s with Blu-ray on the way?

Trusted Reviews has it on good authority that Microsoft will be releasing new versions of the Xbox 360 this year with 60GB HDDs instead of the current 20GB, and that these new super-Xboxen might also contain Blu-ray drives instead of standard DVD drives.

This only makes sense, as Microsoft has discontinued support for HD DVD and including a Blu-ray drive instead of as an add-on only increases the Xbox’s value, as well as competes more readily against the PS3.

Microsoft is also likely looking at adding an external Blu-ray drive for legacy 360 players, like yours truly. The other good news is that the current crop of HDMI-sporting Xbox 360 Premiums would see a big price drop, something we’ve heard hinted in the last week anyway.

EXCLUSIVE: 60GB Xbox WILL Replace 20GB Model [Trusted Reviews]