Norwegian teen wins contest to send MP3s into space

In order to promote its Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV), the European Space Agency held a contest last summer. The rules were simple; send in a playlist of ten songs to load onto an MP3 player that t

Pogue shares tech support humor; We share Pogue

[photopress:call_center.jpg,full,center] I had the misfortune of working tech support for a time, and I came away from the experience with the mindset that people should have to have some sort of lice

Ballmer wants to move on from HD-DVD, support Blu-Ray

I guess he’s a pretty realistic guy. He acknowledges that “the world moves on,” and of course so have the manufacturers and buyers. He says they’ve already been working on driv

Playmobil's Security Checkpoint on Amazon makes your morning

[photopress:41G9WA5NRDL._SS400_.jpg,full,center] I’m not saying it’s the greatest or funniest Amazon listing of all time, but the Playmobil Security Check Point playset is one of the silli

Pick up some vino soon from Amazon's wine section?

Nice. As a subscriber to Amazon .com’s $79-per-year “Amazon Prime” thing (free 2-day or $4 overnight shipping), I’m anxiously waiting for the day that I can literally buy every

Ballmer on iPhone SDK: Who knows?

Steve squeezes out a SBDlight. Steve Ballmer was surprisingly candid — yet still fairly quiet — about Microsoft’s plans to port Silverlight to the iPhone. He basically said “Ye

Monema's TamTam: Virtual PBX

I’d been meaning to post about these guys a few weeks ago but my schedule didn’t allow it. However, this is an interested hosted PBX company that offers a drag and drop phone interface for

Chris Anderson and Michael Arrington: Back-to-Back on Charlie Rose

Yesterday was Geek-Out Night on The Charlie Rose Show. Wired editor-in-chief Chris Anderson and our own Michael Arrington appeared on back-to-back interviews (30 minutes each, separate interviews). An

HTC jumping on the MID bandwagon this year

Word on the street is that HTC (makers of phones like the HTC Touch, the PPC-6xxx series devices, and more!) will be releasing Intel -powered MID devices this year. As you’ll recall from Intel&#

Calacanis Fires People Who Have A Life

Mahalo founder and serial entrepreneur Jason Calacanis has some interesting tips up today about how to squeeze every single last thing from your startup employees. Helpful advice includes (our interpr

Sony sez: Microsoft in talks to offer Blu-Ray, player prices should fall this year

Well, this is good news — for SONY . They’re now talking to Microsoft to offer Blu-Ray support on one of their well-known consoles — I think it’ll be the Famicom — and ex

Rumors Gone Wild: Is Sprint looking to spin-off Nextel or is T-Mobile looking to buy Sprint? Or both?

According to the “anonymous Wall Street professional” who writes Seeking Alpha’s Notable Calls blog, a rumor started late yesterday that Sprint “has hired Morgan Stanley and in

Hanrim wireless power transmission: Satellite power by year 2108

G-Fi: GPS to WTF converter

Not sure about the specific useficality of this device, but it basically adds GPS functionality to Wi-Fi devices using software plug-ins. Yeah, I don’t get it either. The website consists of mar

Cover up that fugly satellite dish, thank the Dutch

The Dutch want you to pimp out your satellite dish and I’m inclined to listen. Who doesn’t want a kitten sticker to brighten up that ugly grey dish? Seriously. If kittens aren’t your

Video: Eco123 demonstrates weird MVNO service

Coaches Samsung/Adidas take on Apple/Nike

Samsung and Adidas are competing against Apple and Nike to offer people a device that plays music and keeps track of users’ workouts. Samsung’s miCoach is a music playing mobile phone that encoura

News of the World: The iPhone SDK

Remember this? Salon: Why Apple’s SDK finally justifies iPhone hype SvN: iPhone SDK, Apple’s Touch Platform, and The Next Two Decades Infoworld: iPhone SDK exceeds developer expectations K

iPhone SDK event video is up

Apple has just uploaded yesterday’s SDK event for your viewing pleasure. You can find it here.

Consumerist "pushes" LOLCats deeper into the Internets thanks to ComplaintRemover

You know where we got this. I won’t dignify ComplaintRemover with a link but the folks at Consumerist, good men and women all, chatted with this service that promises to “remove” bad
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