University replicates in Second Life. Lazy students rejoice.

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Ok, it’s not strictly news about startups, but it’s still interesting that Sussex University has built a replica of its campus in Second Life. Students can now fly around to visit the Library or attend online seminars inside the replica. Let’s hope their avatars don’t fall asleep in the lecture. At least they now need never leave their college room at all. But I’m sure it’ll be great for visiting foreign students (no air travel required) and other ‘virtual’ events.

  • roland

    now for the hard thing, organizing compelling virtual conferences and seminars which could attract the public at large.

    please: not yet another introduction to virtual worlds..

  • Not A Bug

    “On another news, students from the same university start replicating their homes in second life and commute online”

  • Daan Jansonius

    People still use Second Life? They probably started building it at the height of the hype and have now missed the boat completely (they might even be in the wrong harbour!).

  • Jonathan Markwell

    The building in the background on the right of that picture is Falmer House where 150 geeks will be meeting for BarCampBrighton2, next weekend on 15th & 16th March.

    SecondLife just signed up as sponsors too:

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