How Can You Make Money From Web 2.0?

How can you make money from Web 2.0 was the main question put to the Web 2.0 and Beyond: What Is the Business Reality panel at Microsoft Mix yesterday. Featured in the video is Frank Arrigo (Microsoft), Bryan Biniak (CEO Jacked), Tim Kendall (Facebook), Loic Le Meur (CEO Seesmic), Chris Saad (Particls).

The responses from Kendall were interesting. Kendall argued that Facebook is failing because the majority of the audience put their hands up when asked the question “have you seen ads on Facebook?” Apparently Facebook believes the best ads are the ones users don’t know are ads. There’s some talk about beacon and open access as well.

My question about Web 2.0 business models (or lack there of) is the second question in.

The video quality isn’t great, slow internet aside we should have a better copy up soon.