Dick Tracy Never Cheated on an Exam

The age of Dick Tracy may be here, but instead of fighting crime, a student in Thailand was caught cheating on university entrance exams with a mobile phone that is worn as a wrist watch. Education Ministry officials are banning exam takers from wearing watch phones and other wristwatches. Photographs of the phone watch will be sent to exam centers around the country and students will have to rely on wall clocks.

“I have ordered the 18 examination centers nationwide to ban students wearing all kinds of watches to the exams this weekend,” senior ministry official Sumate Yamnoon told reporters.

Investigators caught a student receiving text messages on his phone watch during national exams in Bangkok last weekend. This novel method of cheating is a reflection of the difficulty of earning a university place in a country where some university engineering or medicine departments might take only one in 100 candidates.

“Cheating techniques have developed along with technology advancement. What will students use next year after the mobile phone wrist watch this year?” a baffled Utumporn Jamornman, another senior ministry official, asked reporters.