Trutap adds Facebook status updating

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Mobile social networking startup Trutap has now added Facebook to the list of social networks it integrates with. You can now update your status from inside the Trutap mobile client application, which works on a variety of handsets. It’s done by adding Trutap’s Facebook application to your Facebook account. Trutap users can also IM (MSN, Yahoo!, AIM and ICQ), group message, upload text and pictures to blogs (Blogger,, Livejournal, Flickr, Friendster, Xanga, Photobucket, TypePad etc) and send pictures via the mobile.

  • John Thomson

    What is the Truphone/Trutap proposition? I can see the value of free calls but I don’t understand the overlap between that and the social networking thingummyjigger. I don’t understand what the technical overlap is and I don’t understand why they don’t choose two totally different brands. Confused of Aston.

  • Nicholas Avenell

    John: trutap & truphone are entirely different companies doing different things, they just launched similar times with similar names.

  • Fahmi Irz

    bingung cara aktif kan FB di mobile

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