Acer to buy E-Ten, is the aPhone coming soon?

eten Back in September, I explicitly and pointedly asked Acer president Gianfranco Lanci, and I quote, “Can the world expect to see [dramatic pause] the aPhone?” A question to which he emphatically waved his arms to and fro saying, “No! Big No.”

Seems I must have gotten confused because whereas I heard, “No! Big no,” I should have heard, “No! I mean yes, in that we’re going to buy E-Ten next year so stay tuned for that, Doug Aamoth of CrunchGear.”

E-Ten, as you’ll remember, makes the Glofiish line of smartphones, including the X600, the X800, the X650, the X500 and X500+, the M700, and the M800. All are beautiful phones, check them out on the website if you get a chance.

The deal is expected to go through in Q3, pending shareholder approval. What’ll be interesting to see will be where Acer introduces its new phones. It’s got a pretty comprehensive worldwide presence with its recent grab of Gateway and Packard Bell.

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