Inside TechCrunch
Sarah Lacey, the now host of Yahoo Tech Ticker who is perhaps well known to TechCrunch readers as being the person who was suppose to have thrown a drink on Michael (she denies it), interviews Michael in the video above as well providing a brief tour of TechCrunch HQ.

As the rank outsider on the TechCrunch team (Americans can insert foreigner there, both in nationality and physical location) I’ve always found the way Michael runs TechCrunch fascinating, particularly as someone who has been involved in the blogging community for a long time (years before Michael discovered it). It wasn’t that long ago that running ads on a blog was frowned upon (hey Dave), then later blogging for a living was something very few people did, and even then, it wasn’t great money.

The tour through alone is worth watching, even if they did turn the lounge (couch) around for the interview. Laguna (Michael’s dog) greets Lacey at the door, and you get some feeling for how the Crunch empire exists.

You can also see Michael’s response to the question “Are You an Arrogant Ass?” here.

(thanks to Agentbleu for the tip)