CrunchArcade: Take-Two working on Sophie's Choice MMORPG

While rumors swirl about an EA/Take-Two takeover, the company’s programmers are quietly working on a new MMORPG based on William Stryon’s book Sophie’s Choice. Set in post-war Brookl

Google And Virgin Team For Human Settlement On Mars

Sir Richard Branson has announced on the Google Blog Virgle, a joint Google/ Virgin project to establish permanent human settlement on Mars. Sir Richard writes: Larry Page, Sergey Brin and I feel stro

Video: Slingplayer Mobile for BlackBerry 8820

Problems with LED screens on Penryn MacBook Pro?

I think some LEDs decided to die on my new MBP. I haven’t restarted as I’m trying to get some work done, but anyone else experience this?

Gmail April Fools Not Very Funny. On the Upside, They Started A Wikipedia War

Right on schedule: Google is releasing their April Fools jokes onto us as the calendars hit April 1 on the east coast (here’s last year’s efforts). Google Australia got a head start earlie to bring all comments back to your blog, the RSS reader and commenting aggregator in private beta, has launched what it calls a “conversation tracker,” which aggregates all your comments from around the web in one place and al

Exclusive: First 3G iPhone hands-on

I can’t say much about this right now but you will be amazed and trust me, it’s not what you think. Ben has one as well.

Value-testing l33t overclocked PC hardware

Tom’s Hardware has been doing a feature for the last week comparing the performance of six systems: budget (sub-$1000), mid-range (sub-$2000), and high-end (sub-$4000) PCs and then the same PCs

Video: Jetpack Brontosaurus physics demo

Jetpack Brontosaurus Visual Technology from Matthew Wegner on Vimeo The creators of the insane Velociraptor Off-Road Safari Rampage are well on their way to creating a new opus, which they call Jetpac

ChaCha Ditches Guided Search Model. I Love To Hate This Startup

Well it only took ChaCha fourteen months to figure out what everyone except ChaCha (and these guys) knew when it launched – search with a human guide as a business idea is ridiculously stupid. T

Palm sells one million Centros

That Centro smartphone from Palm? The one now in Obsidian Black? The one I told you about this weekend that you could pick up for a measly $39 on sale at Best Buy? They just sold a million of them. Th

Creepiest 3D interactive Flash thing you'll see today

It wouldn’t be right of me to know about this excessively creepy 3D mouse-following Flash lady and not share it with all of you. If I must suffer, you must suffer. That is the price you pay for

Vu gets groped early at CTIA

We’re thinking the Vu is the first real post-iPhone cellphone, using a haptic-feedback touchscreen, a fluid UI, and multimedia features in a phone that should cost less than the iPhone but still

YouTube RickRolls Users

If you aren’t familiar with RickRolling – it’s when someone puts a link on website to something, but it actually takes you to a music video of Rick Astley’s “hit” s

Whisher: Metered Wi-Fi made easy

I’ve been meaning to post about Whisher for a few months now but life has always gotten in the way. The company is based in Barcelona and they showed me their beta code back in February. Now, ho

Blodget: "New Blackberry is dum"

While I tend to agree that RIM’s OS is definitely showing its age, Henry Blodget is totally down on the new 9000 interface with its iPhon-esque UI and, well, Blackberry-esque keyboard and lack o

Analyst: Spam is a real life arms race

I hate, hate spam and fully agree that spammers should, after being convicted, be torn apart by a pack of BigDogs, drawn-and-quartered style. Spam is now 15 years old, and over 90% of communications o

Don't buy your TV converter just yet, grandma

Since January 1st you’ve been able to request your free $40 voucher for a digital-to-analog converter for grandma’s old CRT TV. Well, Crave is saying don’t act so fast. You still hav

Circuit City installation techs destroy customer's Honda, refuse to pay full damages

I drive a Kia Spectra that I just love. I bought it brand new 2004 and one of the first things I did was have an iPod adapter kit installed for the car stereo. I’m an iPod guy, and I want to tak

CrunchArcade: Top Ten Video Game Ninjas

For as long as ninjas have existed, kids (and secretly adults) have been pretending to be them. I personally was a ninja for Halloween three years running. But because not all of us are sneaky and mur
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