FaceBook music: Follow hot bands' hot music (then jump over a shark)


Facebook added a music service yesterday. Musicians can upload their songs, users can play them using the Facebook Music Player and later buy them using the provided iTunes link.

It’s almost like Zuckerberg & Co. saw what a cluttered useless mess MySpace turned into and said, “Yeah, let’s emulate that.” Call me cynical, crazy, uninformed, whatever the case may be, but I’m thinking Facebook is getting close to jumping the shark. The site suffers from feature creep. All these stupid little features and insecure applications—I was changing Biggs’ mood left and right the other day. Me changing his mood. Real secure site.—make the site look more and more amateurish every day.

I may have to ask Zuckerberg at SXSW why he’s riding his little site into the ground. Any other question ideas, leave a comment.

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