Bluetooth MP3 watch for when you just can't stand to not have something that plays music strapped to you

206493480Ah, the return of the MP3-playing watch. This time, without the ridiculous headphone cord running up your arm. The GoldLantern Bluex Bluetooth MP3 Watch comes with 1GB of storage and a pair of Bluetooth 2.0 headphones.  

The watch is good for 12 hours per charge of its lithium-ion battery and will play either MP3 or WMA files.

I’m not much of a watch man myself, so I asked our resident watch fanatic John D. Biggs what he thought of this doodad. I’ll give you the first part of the quote and then you can finish it off in the comments section.

Me: “John, here’s a new watch for you to buy.”

John: “I wouldn’t buy that if it came strapped to the wrist of an…”

Finish John’s sentence, if you please.

Goldlantern Bluetooth Bluex Men’s MP3 Watch with Bluetooth Headset [] via Crave