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TwitPlus is a new Twitter application based on the popular microblogging platform. It is basically a photo, video and file sharing system built on top of Twitter. It also works with secure files. A longer list of features being worked on includes timeline view, mobile access, API, desktop app, integration with Flickr and picture editing. The creator is Dan Field, of ClearMyMail, the UK firm which specialises in email spam filtering, so its clearly an interesting a different dirrection for him. TwitPlus is worth checking out.

  • Jodi

    i also find twittershare really great:
    and i know everyone is supposed to jump for joy about twitxr, but twitpic is so much more useful. you don’t have to create a new account and refind all your friends.

  • David Petherick

    Twitplus is something between Pownce and Twitter, and if it works with Flickr, and I can use it to access twitter streams on my N95 phone, it’ll be a wonderful tool.

    I’ve used the fantastic ClearMyMail for long enough to know Dan’s creations are robust, effective, and simply very useful.

  • Dan Field

    Thanks for the mention, Mike.

    Good to see so many people making good use of the system already! We are hoping to get some of those new features released pretty soon.

    The logo you have used in the post isn’t working

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