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ShopWindoz is a new startup enabling independent design labels to build a business online with a few clicks. It’s an Etsy-esque site aimed at ‘micro-brands’ with niche design products. The site originally went live in November of last year in Germany but this week was launched in English, aiming at the UK market. Initially, products are mostly from Berlin based designers but the aim is to hook in UK designers who tend to face high costs and competition.

ShopWindoz is not the only new European site aiming at this long tail of niches, another is the recently launched Moli, a US-owned site with $30m in backing. Interestingly ShopWindoz founder Darryl Feldman is an Englishman in Berlin who was most recently head of Yahoo!’s product development efforts across Europe. The jury is out on whether the more ‘social shop’ based approach of ShopWindoz or the ‘social networking, plus a shop’ idea of Moli will prevail. Horses for courses, perhaps, but history shows that startups which are more focused tend to win out.

  • Maggy Young

    Moli comes across as a good idea, but the right thing too late? Do users want yet another social networking site & if not are they going to leave F/Book, MySpace, Linkedin for Moli? Maybe, but it will take a long time. And during this time, the other sites may adopt the key Moli concept of one account & multiple profiles each with different levels of user determined privacy. In this way, Moli is a one trick pony & could be easily knocked out if the big sites go this way.
    Oh and whoever decided on the title Moli? (Means MOney & LIfe) Do they seriously see people going around saying ‘I’m a member of Molly?’ How lame can you sound? Sounds more like your grandmother’s sewing class. Not exactly young & cool. And for a straight man to announce something like this, well I dunno. Seriously, I think they may have made a big marketing mistake here.

  • Asif Ifteakhar Ridoy

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