Sony recorders, clock radios, and iPhones, oh my

icd-ux70_lg.jpgIf you’re in the market for a nice little flash-based voice recorder, there’s a few more on the market now. Sony’s released the details on its new line, which mainly expands on the capacity of their old ones. The new UX series has 1 or 2GB of space, which allows for quite a lot of recording time. Like the other recorders, it goes straight to stereo mp3. It also supports ID3 tags so you can keep music on there as well, though 2 gigs isn’t exactly generous for that purpose. Sony also announced replacements for its old recorders that double the recording capacity, so if you were eying one, go for the new one instead.

And from the mongoose-and-cobra dept, Sony has become one of the first companies to put out an iPhone/iPod Touch-compatible clock radio. You can sit your iPhone in it when you go to bed and it’ll charge as well as provide access to your tunes via a remote control. Sounds pretty darned practical, actually.