Mario Kart Wii will NOT feature voice chat – and that's fine with me

Well, it looks like it’s strictly text for players of the future modern classic, Mario Kart Wii. Voice chat will not be an option. You can use your keyboard or the wiimote to type stuff in, which has been sufficient for years now. I’ve had some good times talking trash in Half-Life 1 DM, Starcraft, and Counterstrike (beta 5.2 forever), and it was all in text.

To this day I refuse to use voice communication, and if it’s not even an option, that means I don’t have to worry about muting the poor fools I’m shelling on Mario Circuit 3. Besides, it makes possible all teh leet misspellings we have long associated with online gaming. Long live text chat.

Mario Kart Wii Features Text Chat [IGN]