Google Docs Gets A Visual Overhaul, Now More Office Like


Google has quietly updated the look of Google Docs, offering a more Microsoft Office (pre 2007) like interface.

First spotted by Philipp Lenssen, the changes aren’t huge, but visually they’re pleasing. Gone is the Google Docs blue background toolbar with its unique layout. In its place is a grey toolbar that will be immediately familiar to users of other offline and online office packages. Fonts now have a dedicated box with the list being rendered in the particular font listed. Text sizing also gets a familiar drop down box as well.

The changes have been rolled out across the three core Google Docs products (Writely, Spreadsheets and Presentations).

Although still not as fully featured as offline alternatives, and even some online competitors as well, Google Docs has gained strong support in the first adopter community and is slowly finding a market in the business world as Google pushes its corporate packages. The new look will make it easier for new users to immediately use Google Docs and that will help sell the package.