First impressions of the Penryn MacBook Pro

Having spent the last few hours reinstalling apps and customizing to my specific liking, I’ve noticed that using the multi-touch on the new Penryn MBP isn’t what I imagine it to be. The trackpad just isn’t big enough and I really wish Apple would have put the larger one, like the MBA, on the MBP. It’s not horrible or unusable by any means, but you’d figure with such a large palm rest area that a larger trackpad would make sense. Of course, this is a miniscule gripe and everything else seems to be working fine, but I figured I’d chime in and let you all know.

It’s much, much better than the MacBook Air in terms of functionality, but if that slimmed down sexy piece of hardware has anything on the MBP it’s the larger trackpad. Did any of you purchase a MacBook Air? Chime in with a comment and let us know.

[Update]: I’m not sure what the deal is but my Wi-Fi is being really funky right now. I’m sitting within two feet of my router and I’m not getting full bars. Matt has been having the same issues since he installed Leopard, but my MacBook had Leopard and its signal strength was always pretty good. I’ll keep investigating.