'Sony Electronics 2008 Open House' preview


Doug Aamoth here in beautiful, romantic Paris (Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas) for the Sony Electronics 2008 Open House — or as I like to call it, the SoLec08OpHo.

I’ll be getting my gigantic man-hands on all these products (and then some) very soon — but for now, here’s some of what to expect out of Sony today.

First, there’ll be a couple A2DP Bluetooth doodads; the DRC-BT15 receiver and the SRS-BT100 speaker. Great, I guess. I have no photos at this time, but I’ll be on the lookout for these devices throughout the day.

Next, we’ve got “two small, personal audio products that liberate music stored on a PC and deliver large, dynamic sound.” The model numbers consist of the PFR-V1 and the SRS-ZX1. Photos? No sir — not yet, but soon.

Kids? Headphones? A thousand times, yes. Whatever keeps them occupied so that they stop asking stupid questions like the idiot six-year old that was behind me on the airplane. We’d not even taken off when she asked her dad if we’d already arrived at our destination. Get it together, Stupid. Anyway, the MDR-222KD headphones that are ‘specially made for younglings oughta shut her up for a bit.

ICD-UX70 Hot damn, who’s moist for some voice recorders? If you answered “me,” then you are correct. If you answered “you,” meaning me, you’d be correct as well.

Drop an ICD-UX70 or IC-UX80 in my Easter basket and I’ll be a happy camper.

Look at the ICD-UX70 on the right there. Isn’t she a beaut in all her 1-gigabyte o’ glory? You’re damn straight. She knows the score.

But why merely record sound when you can record photos? Still photos! Hell yeah, that’s what the Cyber-Shot DSC-H50’s all about. It’s got 9.1-megapixels of Arsenio Hall-style low-down, boogie-nose funk. Carl Zeiss says “I do” when it comes to lens fitting, so who are we to argue?

Boy oh boy, even I’m getting tired of reading my own schlock. Alas, the show must go on with the Cyber-Shot DSC-W300, an ultra-pocketable 13.6-megapixel point-and-shoot camera. Photo of the camera? No sir, again sir.

Here’s an iPod dock. What?! Yes, an iPod dock! From Sony! ‘Tis an alarm clock too.


“Sony is one of the first companies to launch an iPhone compatible speaker clock radio. It features a wireless remote with full access to the iPod and iPhone devices’ menus (the iPhone handset must be in iPod mode), as well as to alarm clock’s radio tuning and volume functions. It also charges the device while docked.”

The ICF-ClipMK2 will be available in May for $100.

Then we’ve got three new Walkman players, the NWZ-S710F, NWZ-A720 and NWZ-A820. They all support Bluetooth and built-in noise-canceling technology. Pictured here are the NWZ-S710F and the NWZ-A820. I’ll try to get a grope today.


Two new Blu-ray players dropping this summer and fall for $400 and $500, respectively. The BDP-S350 and BDP-S550 offer 1080P, 7.1 surround, and a slimmer body than previous players. The S550, pictured here, will come with 1-gigabyte of on-board storage and both players will allow you to hook up your own external hard drive. Both will also support BD-Live and BonusView features.


Plenty more to come throughout the day. I’ll be roaming the show floor in a few hours here and will update the goodies as I get my hands on them. Stay tuned.