Rollbase PaaS Service To Launch, Invites For TechCrunch Readers

Rollbase will tomorrow officially launch its do-it-yourself, on-demand application development and delivery platform offering Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for users who aren’t programming experts.

Rollbase can be used to design, develop and deploy custom Web-based applications using intuitive and interactive tools within a web browser. It’s pitched as providing “an easy to learn and flexible toolset in a rich AJAX-based user experience” making “web-based application development possible for people who may not have the time, resources or expertise to create on-demand applications using traditional software development methods.”

In laymen’s terms: it allows the rest of us to design and customize business applications.

Rollbase components include

  • wizards for creating database tables, fields, relationships and other application components
  • interactive drag and drop page editor with ability to embed any HTML, scripts or widgets
  • portal technology for building sophisticated external-facing applications that can be embedded in other Web sites and Web-based applications
  • workflow engine with automation, trigger conditions and event queue management
  • search engine with global full text search and field-specific indexing control
  • Conversion maps for seamless integration between and among all Rollbase applications
  • Custom ad-hoc reporting, 2D and 3D animated real-time charting

Rollbase operates in the same space as, but Rollbase notes that it’s designed for business users that don’t have access to programmers or developers.

TechCrunch readers can click here to sign up for a free 60 day trial account on Rollbase.