Pop17 With Sarah Meyers Goes Live—A Daily Web Video Show Exploring Micro-Celebrities

pop17-logo.pngAfter a couple months in private alpha, Sarah Meyers is publicly launching her daily Web video show today, Pop17. (She renamed the show from PopSnap, after a few fits and starts). Every day she will look into the world of micro-celebrities popping up all over the Web in a typical archived format. But every Friday at 3PM ET, she will do the show live on Mogulus. What I like about this concept is that it celebrates the culture of participation that makes the Web so engaging and social. A Web celebrity is anyone with enough talent or appeal to gain a following. Now they have their own show. TechCrunch is a proud sponsor.

In her introductory episode, she asks a random sample of 44 New Yorkers if they have ever heard of Web celebrities like Mark Zuckerberg, Perez Hilton, or Tila Tequila. Zuckerberg didn’t do so well (neither did TechCrunch).