Mochila Now Lets You Add BBC Videos To Your Blog

mochila-logo.pngIf you are looking for some stock videos to add to your blog or Website, Mochila just added about 800 clips from the BBC Motion Gallery, the licensing arm of the BBC. It doesn’t include news clips unfortunately, but there are plenty of science and culture videos. If you need a nicely produced video of striped fish or how to make a Singapore Sling, you can find it on Mochila and embed it on your blog. You will have to sign up first and agree to Mochila’s licensing terms.

Mochila offers a large syndication library from 350 different content partners, including news articles, photos, and videos. You can find content from Reuters, the AP, Hearst and Getty Images and put it in a post, or mix and match items to create your own customized channel that appears in a constantly changing widget. Mochila serves ads in the widget and splits the proceeds 40 percent to the content owner, 30 percent to the Website or blog that publishes it, and keeps 30 percent for itself.

We are seeing more and more of these types of syndication platforms for spreading traditional media content out to the Web. ClipSyndicate, for instance, does something similar for news video clips from ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox affiliates, as well as Bloomberg and AP video. Mochila cuts the licensing deals with the big media companies on behalf of bloggers and Websites, and gives them legal access to the content, with a little rev-share of the advertising proceeds thrown in. Says CEO Keith McAllister:

The core technology is around licensing. We allow content owners to set custom content licensing around their content down to the asset level.

So the BBC can set parameters around what types of sites can show its videos, and even block specific sites it does not want to be associated with. And blogger scan create their own custom content channels. It is a good model. All it needs is better content.