Daem Interactive’s Skuair Image Reader

Daem Interactive has developed Skuair, new technology that it is calling the next generation of 2d code readers. Skuair isn’t limited to reading barcode lines and numbers but can read product logos or images. Skuair works with any mobile phone camera and is easy to operate. The user simply takes a picture of an advertisement or product logo and a low resolution image is sent to the recognition server and an associated URL is returned. The user can receive a variety of multimedia content from the company or person who owns the image.

User generated tags will be launched later this year. A short demo of how Skuair works can be linked to below.

Mobile phone bar code readers have been around for a few years but the technology hasn’t become popular. Maybe Skuair will help make this concept catch on. There is a large potential for advertisers and people who want more product information from applications like Skuair that is yet to be tapped.

Skuair Demo

Daem Interactive