TMI: So now it's MacBooks getting the refresh

scaled35ktjtd.jpgI’m going to go get a beer and play some 360 because this story is basically going all over the place.

Essentially, there was supposed to be an event happening tomorrow that has been pushed forward to March. Folks were positing that this event would involve some sort of SDK announcement for the iPhone plus some hardware refreshes. There was some good intelligence pointing to three new MBPs coming out tomorrow but now some German guy is saying it’s just MBs.

Hey there,
I work for the German Apple-Retail Chain ‘gravis’ (
and have just received new information about tomorrow’s product updates… I can tell you there will be NO new MacBook Pros!
But… the MacBook line will receive some updates. I don’t have precise information about this update, but afaik it’s only a minor one. Coming along with this upgrade, there is also a price-drop for the MacBooks (at least in Germany). The new low-end MacBook will be on sale for 999€. If this means any price-drops in the States is uncertain, as I have not received any information about it.

Now I’m not inclined to believe this German because he told Macenstein where he worked. That means his company could get blackballed, which is a pretty dumb move. As I said: beer and XBox until tomorrow morning.

[UPDATED:] Can the Germans be trusted? New MacBooks tomorrow, but not MacBook Pros? [Macenstein]