Piece o' crap 'Vista-Capable' machine? Sue! Sue! Sue!

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vista Misleading marketing? Microsoft? Say it ain’t so. If you’re one of the many, many agitated consumers that bought a PC with a “Windows Vista Capable” sticker on it during the 2006 holiday shopping season only to find that it was mostly incapable, you might just be able to join a class-action lawsuit against Microsoft.

The PCs in question here would have had XP preloaded with the option to upgrade to Vista, except that most of Vista’s features like Aero, Windows Media Center, and a bunch of other stuff wouldn’t run, according to Computerworld.

Even Mike Nash, a Microsoft VP, is steamed. He sent an e-mail message to fellow co-workers saying, “I PERSONALLY got burnt…Are we seeing this from a lot of customers? …I now have a $2,100 e-mail machine.” Ouch.

Bought a Vista-Capable “junk” PC? You may be in luck [Computerworld]

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