Bloglines Suffers Major Outage

RSS reader Bloglines has suffered a major outage over the weekend with the service simply ceasing to update any blogs from just before midnight PST February 24.

Threads on the Bloglines forum suggest that the issue is widespread and to date no statement has been issued by Bloglines or IAC/ Ask staff in relation to the issue. A test at 11pm PST shows the most recent stories indexed by Bloglines are over 15 hours old.

Bloglines users are not happy with the outage, with some already signing up for other services, and other comments including such as “Remember when they at least showed the plumber?”

One commenter claims that Bloglines may be about to be shut down:

A buddy who works at (owners of Bloglines) says that they are discontinuing the service because it makes no money and there will be an announcement tomorrow.

A shutdown is more than unlikely. But users deserve some attention during an outage of this size.