Rambo Facebook App Lets You Punch Robert Scoble


Sony Pictures UK has launched a Rambo Facebook Game as a cross promotion for the local release of the new Rambo movie.

John Rambo the Facebook App taps in to the growing mania for games on Facebook, complete with scoreboard and rankings. Users attack other users, and as they progress through levels users earn additional weapons. The app allows you to virtually punch any of your friends, for example Robert Scoble*, or kick Scoble, or shot him with a crossbow at the first level. Various levels present options such as shooting Scoble with an AK47 or even a Rocket Launcher. Wholesome family fun.

On one hand it’s a clever use of Facebook to promote a movie, and yet for some reason I feel like taking one of the weapons to myself for having even written this post, because I just know that I’m going to get even more “add this %#%^@$ Facebook app” requests on top of the 999 million I seemingly have in my inbox every day already. Happy shooting readers, happy shooting :-)

(*Scoble used for demonstration purposes only)