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Monday is the last chance you can submit your startup to Web Mission 08, the trip to Silicon Valley for 20 lucky UK firms (I wrote about it all here). So get your entries in! This is going to be an amazing opportunity to make connections in Silicon Valley and hang out with your fellow UK startups. As if that wasn’t enough TechCrunch is a media partner, and I’m going too. Irresistible huh.

Meanwhile I’m sorry to say that one of the original backers, Microsoft UK, appears to have gotten cold feat, despite – I’m reliably informed – being consulted by the Web Mission guys for several months. Happily they have been duly replace by a small little outfit called HSBC. Apparently they are in banking or something.

  • All aboard for the freeloaders

    Thank god Microsoft UK worked out that ex-employees Jim and Bron are promoting utter crap and this sponsored jolly has no value other than helping promote their consultancy (egos) plus a few others.

    Can you please publish the list of people going and I bet Walsh and Loch will be among the pre-paid for guests.

    Also is Arrington actually paying for you to attend Mike or are you paying for yourself? Or are the selected entrepreneurs (we can afford to pay for flights and hotel which is why we were selected) and sponsors paying for you?

    Lastly can anyone of he entrepreneurs ( not organisers) tell me if the paddy valley trip actually made any difference to them?

    The best thing any of the entrepreneurs can do on this trip is use it to showcase themselves to the US angels and VC’s because there are none here worth wasting your time on.

  • Mike Butcher

    Dear “All aboard for the freeloaders.” I’m happy to declare that, if I go, my plane ticket (and that’s all) will be paid for by UK Trade Invest (the Government organisation set up to help UK-based companies succeed internationally). That’s it from my side. Good luck with the whole anonymous trolling thing. I hear it’s a great career.

  • http://blog.urbanhorizon.com Andrew J Scott

    We’ve applied and very much hope to get selected. Anything that provides a platform for UK startups to extend their reach, consumer presence, reputation and yes court suitable funding partners, can only be a good thing especially when allied with the reinforcing stamp of the DTI. Do you actually run a startup? If you have any idea how tough it can be to do so, maybe you’d not pour scorn on such a venture; and if you have issue with the organisers or those endorsing the venture (personally I dont know or care – I’m very focused on our own issues) then by all means ask questions – but do it in the daylight and not from under a trench coat. If you’re right, you then actually be helping, not hindering.

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