T-Mobile Experiments with Landline Service

The mobile phone company T-Mobile will experiment with providing landline services to customers. Starting today, it will offer wired service for $10 a month to its wireless subscribers in the Seattle and Dallas-Fort Worth areas.

Unlimited local and long distance calls can be made with the service which is called, Talk Forever Home Phone. The service will be carried on customer’s high-speed Internet connection, in much the same way voice-over-Internet providers like Vontage Holdings sell phone service.

Customers who sign-up will have to buy a T-Mobile Internet router for $50. The router has two standard phone jacks where corded or cordless phones can be plugged in. An existing home number can be transferred to the new service. Subscribers will also need to be signed up for a wireless plan costing at least $39.99 a month.

Last year, T-Mobile launched the Hotspot AtHome program. This program, which is similar to the Talk Forever Home Phone, places calls over the Internet using special Wi-Fi-equipped phones. HotSpot also costs $10 a month for unlimited calls.

T-Mobile’s new plan is set up to ease the transition from traditional landline to cell phone communication. Both plans allow people to keep their familiar home phones as well as their home number.

T-Mobile isn’t saying how many people have subscribed to HotSpot AtHome, but David Beigie, T-Mobile’s vice president of marketing said it has, “blown away internal estimates.”