EU startups getting name-checked

A bunch of European startups are getting name-checked right now, whether it be selected for demo fights or ‘programmes’ – so I though it worth just listing these so we can all check them out.

First off the Plugg Start-Ups Rally 2008 has evaluated about 65 submissions from 18 European countries and 20 of them have been picked for the rally. They are:

1. 123people
2. Alenty ( see TC coverage)
3. Assetbar
4. Business IT Online (UK)
5. Caleido / Wuala (TC Coverage)
6. Cellity
7. Floobs
8. HumanGrid
9. Mobiya
10. MyOwnDB
12. Radionomy
13. Refresh Mobile / Mippin (UK)
14. Sportme
15. Trampoline Systems(UK)
16. Trutap (UK) (TC coverage)
17. TVtrip
18. Viewdle
19. Workhound (UK) (TC coverage)
20. Zilok

(I’ve picked out the UK ones, but there may be others. Any Irish?)

If you want to head to Brussels for the rally, tomorrow (Friday) is the last day to enjoy the early-bird rate for Plugg (500 € instead of 400 € as from Saturday the 23rd). The coupon code is “techcrunch” which gets you 25% off the price.

Meanwhile, Microsoft’s Startup Accelerator Program has announced the next five companies to join its schindig:

Rugged Logic provides “Financial Directors with a structured financial planning solution combining historical data and business drivers with the ability to add their own business understanding and environmental factors to create a financial picture of their business in to the future.” Uses MS tech.

Silobreaker is a “visual search” service for news and current events. Reminds me of Quintura but more enterprisey.

Psytechnics – based in Ipswich, this is a Voice over IP startup which “fills a gap in the market for monitoring and managing voice and video quality”. It provides a software solution for assessing and managing Quality of Experience (QoE) for real-time voice and video.

SportsDo targets sports enthusiast such as marathon runners, cyclists, mountain bikers, and skiers who have an interest in mapping their circuit or training runs. The service uses GPS to provide a breakdown of where the user has been, key statistics such as time, speed and distance can provide a 3D online image of the route taken. Sounds like Map My Tracks. was launched in December 2007 and founded by serial entrepreneur Charlie Muirhead. It collates exclusive interviews from celebs who want to back a charity. More on them later.