Everex CloudBook delayed again until mid-March?


Those of you waiting for tomorrow — when the Cloudbook is supposed to be available at fine retailers like Walmart — might want to prepare yourselves for a longer wait…again.

Already delayed to begin with, the Everex Cloudbook has been, you guessed it, delayed again. First it was Chinese New Year coupled with OS refinements and now it’s snow. Snow. Snow is delaying the Cloudbook until the middle of March, according to DigiTimes.

The shipping of the CloudBook ultra-low cost notebook PC by Everex, a subsidiary of First International Computer (FIC), will be delayed due to disruptions caused by recent heavy snowfall in China, according to sources at channel vendors.

Heavy snowfall in China prior to the Lunar New Year holiday at the beginning of February disrupted power and transportation, causing delay at FIC’s factory in Suzhou, noted the sources. Because of the disruption, shipments of the Everex CloudBook will be delayed with shipments to the retail channel in Taiwan to be pushed back to mid-March noted the sources.

Snow. Snow from the beginning of February. Come on.

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