The UK is now crucial to Google's revenues

Now that Google is probably pulling down more ad revenue than ITV, the biggest TV network in Britain, it looks like it is the the UK’s single largest advertising channel, posits Seamus McCauley (via). The “10k” document Google filed with the SEC at the weekend showed:

– Google £1.28 billion revenue from the UK in 2007 (2006: £814 million; 2005: £446 million) – an increase of nearly 58 percent but slower than the 82 percent growth seen in the previous year.

– Google’s revenue was $16.59 billion and UK revenue was 15 percent of the 2007 total (2006: 15 percent; 2005: 14 percent). With the pound strong that meant international revenue went to $3.321 billion.

– On quarterly basis, the proportion of UK revenue decreased from 16 percent in Q3 to 14 percent in Q4 due to a slowdown in finance and travel.

Publishers who run Google Adsense now make almost as money (£400m in fact) from them as running normal banner advertising (£450m), and the proportion for search is likely to increase.