Nordic Link interviews Carl Freer of Gizmondo (Yes, that Gizmondo)


Some of you might remember Gizmondo as the almost-vaporware-like handheld gaming device that was the brainchildfart of some Swedes, notably Stefan Eriksson, who later totaled a rare Ferarri Enzo almost exactly two years ago today.

Now more details are emerging about Gizmondo’s rumored comeback, sans Eriksson, and it looks like the wheels have started to turn. In an interview on the blog Nordic Link, blogger Hans Sandberg has a nice chat with Gizmondo’s Carl Freer about the return of a new version of the device, production, and the company’s executives’ links to organized crime. It’s a good read and worth it: A new Gizmondo might shake things up when it launches later this year. The original wasn’t all that bad but was sadly overshadowed by the exploits of its masters.

Carl Freer: Gizmondo Arrives Late 2008 [Nordic Link]