MirrorPilot: Like a pilot in your mirror but a digital GPS pilot, not an airline pilot hiding in your back seat


I have seen the future and her name is MirrorPilot. Sure, you’d think that her name would be some sort of amalgamation of the word “future” like Futura, Futurosa, or Futurama, but it’s just MirrorPilot.

The MirrorPilot will be announced at CeBit in Germany early next month. It’s basically a replacement rearview mirror with integrated GPS features and a little 2.2-inch QVGA map on the left-hand side. It also features the ANTARIS 4 GPS chipset, voice directions, and costs about $1000. Sorry, Europe only. Also sorry, maybe it’s not quite THE future.

MirrorPilot [Company Website — in German] via I4U