Hitachi creates UTHDTVs with wireless HDMI-compatible video


Not only is Hitachi using Tzero’s Ultra Wideband tech to make it’s new ultra thing HDTVs capable of playing HD video wirelessly, it’s also creating a new acronym it wants us all to use. UT, which stands for Ultra Thin, is being added as a prefix to HDTV, which we are now to call UTHDTVs. Great!

Anyway, the technology more or less acts like a wireless HDMI connection, meaning you can hang your TV without all the cluttery wires everywhere. What’s great is it’s based on industry standards, meaning that though now adapters might be needed, in the future it’ll be all wireless.

New Ultra Thin HDTVs From Hitachi to Employ Tzero Ultra Wideband Technology for Wireless Video [Business Wire]