Samsung ACE released: Like the Blackjack only with a SIM card… wait

samsung.jpgNot content to corner the market in world-changing Nextel phones, Sprint has got its greasy paws on the Samsung ACE, a rebranded — and improved — Blackjack with EV-DO and a separate SIM card slot for world support.

The phone runs Windows Mobile 6 and has a 2.3-inch color screen and QWERTY keyboard. Interestingly enough, during testing in Barcelona we discovered that the ACE can’t text using the SIM chip, something Sprint is probably scrambling to fix right now. To prevent you from jumping off Sprint’s network while you travel, the company supplies an “unlocked” SIM card for use in the phone:

A Sprint-provided SIM card is provided pre-installed in the device for
customers who wish to utilize Sprint International Roaming Services (special activation
required) while traveling abroad. Customers may also take advantage of the unlocked SIM
which allows the device to accept an in-market international carrier’s SIM for voice and data

Sly devils. It also runs Sprint TV and On-Demand and includes a 1.3-megapixel camcorder. Finally, you can connect the phone to your PC as a wireless modem. Why is it called the Ace and not the Blackjack Sprintino? It seems AT&T has the corner on the Blackjack market which precludes others from using the name.