Leapfrog's Crammer PMP+studying device for the kiddos


Johnson, Joel Johnson has an exclusive over at Gadgets, Boing Boing Gadgets on a new Leapfrog portable media player player that doubles as a cramming (studying) device. Named the Crammer, this $60, 1GB player only plays Ogg Vorbis files, presumably to avoid the licensing costs associated with MP3 playback. (Maybe it’ll transcode MP3s on-the-fly?) Its monochrome screen isn’t as impressive as, say, the Touch’s, but it doesn’t have to be—the price alone should convey that message. It’s a studying aide, not a nerdcore trophy.

As for its educational merits, users can program flash cards and vocabulary words into it using Windows or Mac software. (Mac support, amazing.) And don’t knock flash cards, kids, that’s how plenty of students still study, at least in my university.

She’s out this fall sometime, with an eye toward the 3rd to 8th grade market.

Exclusive: Leapfrog Crammer, an MP3 Player for Students [Boing Boing Gadgets]