LG's PG6000, LG6000 show evolution in TV design


LG pimped out (get it?) its new line of HDTVs at London Fashion Week because when you think of fashion, you obviously think of television. The LG6000 leads the line as a 1080p LCD and comes in 32-, 37-, 42- and 47-inch sizes. The two largest have that 100Hz thing that makes images more film-like (you’d have to see it in person to know what I mean). There’s also the PG6000 series. It’s also a TV.

Back to the Fashion Week thing. LG chose the event to show off the TVs because the company is as proud of their aesthetics as it is their hard specs. See that artsy shot up there—who wouldn’t want to place that in their living room (or wherever)? It’s like buying a grand piano even though you don’t know how to play—looks play a huge role.

Nothing Earth-shattering about the TVs themselves, but it’s nice to see TV design’s continued improvements. Remember when they looked awful?

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