WiMAX still looking at spring time roll out

Despite recent hiccups for Sprint in the last four to five months that may have led many to believe that Xohm aka WiMAX was dead in the water, we’ve learned that things are still on track for a spring time launch. However, it won’t be a full roll out of the service, but, rather, a soft launch, which is somewhat disappointing unless you’re in Baltimore, Chicago, or Washington, D.C.. Sprint’s vice president for technology development, Ali Tabassi, confirmed the roll out at MWC. When asked about a national roll out he was quoted as saying that he’s waiting “for finalization of our budget.” Yikes. It’s also worth mentioning that Sprint had anticipated reaching 100 million subscribers this year, but Tabassi put the kibosh on that as well.

Sprint’s Limited WiMAX Launch Imminent [PC World]