ROKR E8 to T-Mobile sports Linux, 2GBs, and 2.5G?

[photopress:suckr.jpg,full,left]I still think the name ROKR is a bad name for a phone, and you can’t tell me that the ROKRs we’ve seen so far don’t suck. That being said, I kind of like how the upcoming E8 for T-Mobile is shaping up. 2GB internal storage, MicroSD, 2-Megapixel picture taker, SVGA video, stereo Bluetooth, and FM tuner make this fairly feature packed. What makes it sexy is the haptic touchscreen controls and the new Motorola Linux-based OS.

Also interesting is that it’s EDGE, 2.5G, instead of 3G, like many of T-Mobile’s new phones are, being released in anticipation of the launch of its 3G network. Could this mean that the network is farther out than we though? We really, really hope not.

Thanks to hot tipper Davie.