Microsoft Will Launch Something That Made Scoble Cry. I Want (To See Scoble Cry)

scoble1.jpgProving perhaps you can break an embargo without breaking an embargo, uberblogger Robert Scoble writes about an amazing Microsoft product that makes him cry.

Scoble gives no hints as to what it is, but writes this about the product:

It’s even rarer that I see software that I know will change the world my sons live in…While watching the demo I realized the way I look at the world was about to change. While listening to Wong I noticed a tear running down my face. It’s been a long while since Microsoft did something that had an emotional impact on me like that.

The only possible hint is the launch date: February 27. I don’t believe in coincidences and this date just happens to be very close to the official Adobe AIR launch (I’m heading to Sydney for the Asia-Pacific launch event Feb 26). So I’m guessing that maybe Microsoft has picked the date as a spoiler to come after the Adobe event. It could be anything, but I’m thinking that it may be Silverlight related, and it might be related to online/ offline applications. Possibly a kick-ass web office package, or new tools to bring online apps offline. Either way it will be something that made Scoble cry, and I want to see the product, and Scoble cry some more.

What product will Microsoft launch February 27

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Started: February 14, 2008