Rare Mobile Phone Viruses Feared by Public

A survey released at the Mobile World Congress today reports that 72% of those surveyed feared a virus may infect their handset. The poll was conducted by IT security specialist McAfee, and based on 2,000 people in Britain, the United States and Japan. Only 2% of respondents actually had a virus in their mobile phone.

Nearly 12% said they knew someone who had a virus, while 86% of people said they had never heard of anyone with a mobile phone virus. But 72% said they were concerned about security. Japan showed the highest fear, where 89% of those surveyed said they were worried about viruses.

Japan has the world’s most developed mobile phone market, where subscribers use handsets to carry out transactions, email and browse the web more than in the other countries surveyed.

Security and the perception of security is a concern for network operators. They want consumers to feel safe from viruses so subscribers are more likely to access the Internet, download applications and make transactions using their mobile phones