"Post to MySpace" Button Released for Easier Sharing

MySpace is now providing an easier way for publishers to help users spread their content virally.

They’ve set up a “Post to MySpace” button that essentially just runs a snippet of JavaScript that sends some content to a user’s MySpace profile page. The snippet takes four parameters: a title, some content, a URL, and the location in the user’s profile page to post the content (in their “about me” section or on their bulletin board, for example).

We’ve set up a button below with which you can send a TechCrunch link to your MySpace profile page.

function GetThis(T, C, U, L) { var targetUrl = “http://www.myspace.com/Modules/PostTo/Pages/?” + “t=” + encodeURIComponent(T)+ “&c=” + encodeURIComponent(C) + “&u=” + encodeURIComponent(U) + “&l=” + L; window.open(targetUrl); }

Post to MySpace!

This button is similar to the Flux fshare button that we previously wrote about.