Yahoo Exec Bails: Bradley Horowitz Leaves For Google

Bradley Horowitz, head of Yahoo’s Advanced Technology Division (and mentioned in a post earlier today), has accepted a position with Google, we’ve confirmed via a source at Yahoo. We have a message into Bradley for a comment, but have not yet heard back.

He will be working with Joe Kraus, director of product management and head of Google’s OpenSocial initiative, although we do not yet know his exact role.

This is a blow for Yahoo. Most new products (at least the fun stuff) goes through his group, and he is often the face of Yahoo at industry events. He is universally liked and respected, certainly outside of Yahoo and, as far as I can tell, within.

Bradley joined Yahoo in May 2004 as Director of Multimedia Search, and later worked on Yahoo Desktop Search and the Yahoo Toolbar. He was also key in getting the Flickr acquisition done. See the about page of his blog for his full bio.

He’s pictured on the right above, with Delicious founder Joshua Schachter.