Brickhouse Head Leaves Yahoo

Salim Ismail, who has led Yahoo Brickhouse since since March 2007, left the company today as part of broader layoffs at Yahoo. Layoff packages were being offered, he said, and he left voluntarily.

Brickhouse is based in San Francisco and shares office space with Chad Dickerson’s Advanced Products Group, which creates new products based on market research (the distinction between the two groups has always been a little hazy to me). Both groups fall under Bradley Horowitz, who runs Yahoo’s Advanced Technology Division. Ismail says Dickerson will be taking over Brickhouse.

Examples of Brickhouse products include: Pipes, Bravo Nation and the unlaunched FireEagle. Advanced Products Group Products include KickStart and Yahoo Live, which launched last week.

Ismail, who previously cofounded PubSub, says he is considering a number of startup opportunities. He also says he reviewed over 3,000 ideas at Yahoo, and has some thoughts on his own startup as well.